2020-2021 Precision Exams By YouScience Updated Exam List

At Precision Exams By YouScience, we’re continually working with subject-matter experts to review and update our extensive library of certification exams. In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, we’re excited to announce nine new exams! 

The new certification exams are as follows: 

  • LAPSEN – Law Enforcement Capstone 
  • NCHSE Foundations of Healthcare Professions 
  • NCHSE Essential Healthcare Practices 
  • NCHSE Human Structure Function Disease A 
  • NCHSE Human Structure Function Disease B 
  • Guide Dog Training 
  • Digital Audio I 
  • Digital Audio II 
  • Textile Technology 

In addition to developing new exams, we’ve reviewed and updated 48 existing exams: 

21st Century Success Skills  

Agricultural Systems Technology I 

Agricultural Systems Technology II 

Accounting I 

Accounting II 

Advanced Accounting 

Apparel Design and Production I 

Apparel Design and Production II 

Computer Programming I 

Dental Assistant: Dental Science I 

Dental Assistant: Dental Science II 

Dental Assistant: Dental Science III 

Digital Graphic Arts I 

Digital Graphic Arts II 

Engineering Principles I 

Engineering Principles II 

Engineering Technology 

Exploring Business and Marketing 

Fashion Design Merchandising I 

Fashion Design Merchandising II

Fashion Design Studio 

Human Development 

Law Enforcement 

Linux Fundamentals 

Medical Assistant: Medical Terminology 

Medical Assistant: Medical Office Management 

Medical Assistant: Anatomy and Physiology 

Medical Assistant: Clinical and Laboratory Procedures 

Medical Forensics 

Teaching as a Profession I 

Teaching as a Profession II 

Television Broadcasting I 

Television Broadcasting II 

Textile Design Entrepreneurship 

Web Development I 

Web Development II 

Welding Technician I 

Welding Technician II 

Welding Technician III 

Welding Advanced

Exams that have been reviewed, updated, and had a name change: 


Commercial Art I 

Commercial Art II 

Commercial Art III

Commercial Photography I

Commercial Photography II

Woods I

Woods II

Woods III











Commercial Advertising and Art

Design and Visual Communication

Industrial Design

Digital Photography

Commercial Photography


Furniture Design and Manufacturing


For a full list of exams, download our brochure to peruse our library!