2021-2022 Precision Exams by YouScience Career Certification Exams Updated List  

It’s time for our favorite annual announcement: the new school year’s career certification exams!

Here at YouScience, we’re gearing up for an exciting 2021-2022 school year with more than 200 career certification exams available to help your students gain a competitive edge and prove their knowledge. We work continually with subject-matter experts to review and update our certification exams to meet current industry needs. We know how quickly industries can change, so this ongoing process ensures our exams remain both relevant and timely.

For the 2021-2022 school year, we are adding seven new career certification exams in addition to updating 22 existing exams.

Included in the new pilot-phase exams list is the highly anticipated HVAC-R career certification exam. With a projected 84,200 HVAC-R job openings nationwide over the next 10 years, gaining an industry-recognized certification in this high-demand career can help open doors for your students to their future careers.

Preview the new and updated exams below or download our brochure to peruse our full library!


NEW Pilot Career Certification Exams

Cloud Computing I #891

Cloud Computing II #892

Computer Systems II #885

HVAC-R #518

Sewing Construction and Textiles I #350

Sewing Construction and Textiles II #353
Baking and Pastry #349

Reviewed & Updated Career Certification Exams  

Computer Science Principles 
Equine Science

Exploring Computer Science 

Game Development Fundamentals

Machining I 

Sports & Entertainment Marketing 

Small Companion Animal Science 

Teacher as a Profession III 

Television Broadcasting I 

Television Broadcasting II 

Veterinary Assistant I 

Veterinary Assistant II 

Updated Career Certification Exams with a Name Change

NEW                                                                                          OLD 

Computer Systems I                                     #884          Computer Maintenance and Repair
Sewing Construction and Textiles III         #354          Textile Design Entrepreneurship

Sports and Outdoor Product Design I      #3501        Apparel Design and Production I

Sports and Outdoor Product Design II     #3531        Apparel Design and Production II
Culinary I                                                       #343          Food and Nutrition 2
Culinary II                                                      #345          Culinary Arts
Culinary III                                                     #348          Culinary Management
Veterinary Assistant I                                  #124          Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Assistant II                                 #125          Veterinary Technician

Career Certification Exams with a Name Change Only  

CNA is now Nursing Assistant #5510




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