We believe that students, educators, administrators, and communities deserve every opportunity to succeed as defined by their own dreams and aspirations. This mission drives all we do. From product design to support, from operations to technology. All of our energy and investment is rooted in our commitment to empowering individuals to make their pursuit for success personal and intentional.

When you’ve worked with students as long as we have, you realize that no two are the same, and no two definitions of success are the same. Yet so much of our current education processes and procedures are rooted in old methods that, with good intent and for efficiency at large scale benefits, push every student through the system expecting the same uniform outcomes. In a world full of uniquely talented individuals, it’s no wonder that most students feel disenfranchised by our current education system, and many students simply get lost within it.

YouScience solutions are designed to lift us into a better way of doing things by empowering every student’s ability to achieve intentional individual success. 

This mission started almost 20 years ago with the founding of two separate companies, YouScience and Precision Exams, each with a vision to engage students on a deeper, more personal level. Two years ago, we merged these companies together under a unified YouScience brand to create dramatically more powerful solutions to better serve you — making education more relevant to each student’s future. Today, our commitment continues with the announcement that YouScience has acquired the National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T). 

NC3T is a perfect fit for YouScience and we’re excited to share our strategic vision behind this acquisition. 

First, YouScience and NC3T are unified in our commitment to enabling student success and career connected learning. Together, our teams have decades of dedicated education and workforce experience with a deep passion for creating real, practical solutions that enable personal and community success. Our values and vision are perfectly aligned.   

Second, our respective product portfolios provide tremendous value for students, educators, administrators, and other community and industry leaders. The YouScience Discovery, Precision Exams, Education Connections, and Employer Connections products serve millions of students and thousands of schools across the country. And now, by adding NC3T’s Professional Services for career connected learning (including state and LEA consulting, professional development, and online training) and its industry-leading work-based learning application, Seamless WBL, YouScience can support districts, schools, and educators in preparing students for college and careers in new and exciting ways.  

Finally, YouScience and NC3T bring together a stronger overall solution designed to help education leaders achieve greater impact, for a greater number of students, across all gender, racial, and socioeconomic demographics, in a more efficient and personalized way than ever before. Separately we have built applications and deployed services that help solve real problems facing education today. Together, we bring an integrated approach to make it easier to tackle more significant problems head-on. 

We have a bold and important vision for empowering intentional individual success for every student in school and life, and the acquisition of NC3T brings us one step forward toward that brighter future.



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