B.E. Publishing, America’s Career & Technical Education publisher, is proud to partner with Precision Exams.


Industry-aligned CTE certification exams through the Skills for Life Series with B.E. Publishing. 

Introducing Skills for Life

The correlation of Precision Exams Certification Standards to B.E. Publishing’s Skills for Life CTE Series helps prepare students to connect classroom learning to a lifetime of real-world success. Students will master all the skills assessed in the exams and discover how these skills apply directly to future careers and beyond.


Aligning the Study Material and Test Curriculum

Instructors and students are provided with essential course information and simple content alignments to help plan their study. When textbooks and certifications are aligned, educators may receive feedback about student performance and adjust study focus.


Leverage the latest in industry to prepare students to meet professional standards.


Currently, B.E. Publishing has established curriculum alignment of three textbooks to Precision Exams certifications. 

The text prepares students for the modern business environment by exploring themes of economics, leadership, marketing, financial management, and employment. All three titles use real-world examples to contextualize key concepts and come with reflective exercises, chapter assessments, and other resources to prepare students with skills for life.


Individual exams are regularly reviewed by subject-matter experts from both industry and education. Certifications are continually updated to meet the changing demands of the market.


The combination of National Geographic Learning curriculum solutions and Precision Exams’ certifications support validation of the mastery of key industry concepts and curriculum.


Schools can provide a holistic approach to instruction and validate knowledge with performance reporting. This helps you manage content and adjust your study focus based on students’ needs.