BPA and Precision Exams are offering certifications to help prepare the next generation of business professionals. 


Bringing qualified, prepared students to the workforce.

Dedicated to the preparation of a world-class workforce

Business Professionals of America, Inc. (BPA) is the leading career technical student organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, office administration, and marketing. During their National Leadership Conference, BPA will offer an on-site Digital Learning Lab to help students validate the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom.

Helping CTE students and educators

Working with BPA’s Digital Learning Lab, Precision Exams is helping students control their ability to certify their knowledge. Offering industry-aligned Career Technical Education (CTE) exams, Precision Exams is collaborating with BPA on educational initiatives that will assess the real-world business skills and problem solving abilities of students nationwide.


Digital Learning Lab


In an effort to strengthen certification opportunities for students, BPA released a new pilot program for the 2017 National Leadership Conference in collaboration with Precision Exams. The Digital Learning Lab allowed students to receive seven different certifications. Exams Include:

Accounting I Fundamental Accounting Competitive Event (S) – 100 and College Accounting Competitive Event (PS) – 105

Accounting II Payroll Accounting Competitive Events (S) – 125 and College Payroll Accounting Competitive Event (PS) – 130

Banking and Finance (aligns with BPA Banking & Finance Competitive Event – (S/PS) 145)

Digital Media IA (aligns with BPA Digital Media Production Competitive Event – (S/PS) 420)

Economics (aligns with BPA Economic Research Competitive Event – (S) 155)

3D Graphics (aligns with BPA Computer Modeling Competitive Event – (S) 425)

3D Animation (aligns with BPA Computer Animation Team Competitive Event – (S) 440)

What does it mean for BPA students?


Together BPA and Precision Exams are offering a platform in which industry-recognized certifications will be made available to students, advisors, and alumni of Business Professionals of America in an effort to help enhance their skills, knowledge, and preparation for both educational and professional advancement. Additionally, this partnership invites added resources to BPA student members that will help them enhance the academic skills they are learning in school with certification offerings that will directly relate to career interests and aspirations.