Students have something tangible to take with them, no matter when they leave me or how they come in. 

-Layla SchacknerTeacher at Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy 


On average, more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school each year. “Classes aren’t interesting” and “school isn’t relevant’ are often cited as reasons. In fact, 66% of high school students report being “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their education. 




With industry-recognized certifications, you can give students tangible proof that what they’re learning in the classroom matters. Precision Exams by YouScience certifications help students validate their skills and knowledge in CTE and other elective courses as well as showcase their soft skills with exams like 21st Century Skills and Personal Financial Literacy.  We help you, help students as they work to connect what they learn in the classroom with careers – and empower them to be proud of where they are right now and where they’re headed.  


Employers commonly list “getting the job done” as the number one criteria in hiring decisions. We are constantly working with industry experts to ensure our exams assess the skills and knowledge your students need for today’s careers. With an extensive library of exams across all the National Career Clusters, Precision Exams by YouScience offers you comprehensive role-based testing options and the opportunity to fulfill Perkin’s V programs of value requirements. 


Using data to adjust program curriculum. 


In just two years, a Foods & Nutrition instructor in Utah increased the number of students earning certifications by 56%! How did she do it? “If I want my students to be work-ready, they have to understand the standards. In order to be a master teacher, my job is to follow and teach the standards so that my students will succeed on their Precision Exams.” 


Within the Precision Exams by YouScience platform, educators have access to valuable student assessment and program improvement data (which also helps meet the Perkins V standards for program improvement). By reviewing her Proctor Standard Report, Tami was able to identify the areas in which her students were struggling. Utlizing the data, she joined a standards-based curriculum writing team and reorganized the order in which she taught lessons to better help her students remember the content.  

With more than 200 exams, we offer customizable solutions for your programs. 

Whether you need a full Site License, Career Cluster Bundles, or Individual Exams – we’re flexible and here to help. Talk with a regional director to personalize a program that fits your needs. 


Unlimited access to all exams   

With an Exam Site License your school has access to our extensive library of industry-recognized CTE exams. With exams representing all 16 National Career Clusters & 21st Century Skills you and others in your school may use certifications for stackable end-of-course and end-of-program capstone certifications. 


Certification Exams relating to a subject

We have grouped specific certifications for popular national career clusters. Explore the exams related to your focus area and within your National Career Cluster.  


Single certification for your class    

An industry-recognized certification allows your students to validate the knowledge and skills they learned throughout the course. When you purchase an individual exam for your students, you provide them with the opportunity to prove their understanding of key industry standards. 

Connect students to their best-fit pathways, careers, and post-secondary opportunities. 

To learn more about YouScience and how this unique platform is changing students’ lives, connect with one of our regional directors.