Rural two-year HBCU finds success with YouScience

When Dr. Willie L. Todd Jr. and Dr. A. Clifton Myles stepped into their respective roles at Denmark Technical College in South Carolina, they came in with a vision for a bright future for the institution, its students, and its community to thrive. They knew they needed a different approach to accomplish their mission, so they turned to YouScience for support.

Now, the two-year college is changing the way college prepares students for the future. Hear how Denmark Technical College is helping students find their fundamental purpose in life through broadened career exposure that instills confidence and hope.

Featured Whitepaper: Denmark Technical College  

Curious about how this HBCU is revolutionizing the student journey with YouScience? From nearly having to shut its doors to putting the “tech” back in Denmark Technical College, you won’t want to miss this whitepaper – An Innovative Approach Prepares Rural Students for the Future.