Denmark Tech Expands Relationship with YouScience, Adds Certification Exams to Discovery Aptitude Testing to Further Promote Student Success and Career Alignment

Innovative 2-year college supports student journey through better alignment of talents, skills, and credentials to advance career readiness

Published Tuesday, October 5, 2021

YouScience, a leader in aptitude-based career guidance and industry skills certification, today announced that South Carolina’s Denmark Technical College, one of only eleven two-year Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the US, has expanded its relationship with the Company. Denmark Tech is adopting YouScience’s industry-recognized certification exams in addition to its Discovery aptitude assessments, which it implemented last year. YouScience’s Precision Exams offer the largest collection of industry-recognized certification exams across all 16 National Career Clusters as well as 21st Century Skills, providing a strong foundation for the student journey to career success. This year, Denmark Tech’s expanded program will support nearly 500 students as they align with, and build credentials toward, greater career success and satisfaction.

Denmark Tech’s “Panther Pathways” program begins once students submit their applications. They receive an email invitation to take the YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment, and, once completed, they work with academic champions to understand their results and plan their college journeys. The college aims to equip students, who may or may not already have career plans, with the information they need to make intentional career and course decisions. During its past year of experience with YouScience Discovery, Denmark Tech has already seen a decrease in the number of students changing majors.

Research shows that individuals who work in careers where they have a natural aptitude tend to be more successful and have greater job satisfaction.

“YouScience will provide our students and our community with the opportunity to know that other career opportunities exist outside of what they might have imagined for themselves,” said Dr. Willie L. Todd Jr., Denmark Tech President and CEO. “This is especially important for our students from rural communities whose exposure to career opportunities may be limited.”

YouScience offers innovative solutions for career discovery, exploration, certification, and connection. Using science-based “brain games,” YouScience Discovery helps individuals identify their aptitudes, or natural talents, and shows how these talents relate to a variety of potential careers. YouScience offers the largest collection of industry-recognized certification exams, helping faculty and administrators ensure skills are acquired and providing students with certifications that represent their skills and capabilities to potential employers.

“We’re not just helping our students align with their careers faster,” added Dr. A. Clifton Myles, Denmark Tech Executive VP for Administration and Innovation, and Chief Strategy Officer. “We’re arming them with the knowledge that will make them competitive, so they know what to do, what decisions to make, and how to facilitate being the best self they can be. It’s more than just getting a certification or degree; it’s about how our students can make an impact in this world. We want to make change agents here in our communities.”

Beyond focusing on helping students find their best-fit path, Drs. Todd and Myles are also aiming to put the “tech” back in Denmark Tech. Using Precision Exams by YouScience, the college can more easily keep their curriculum aligned to the latest industry standards and attract businesses back to Denmark, S.C.

“Denmark Tech is leading the way in providing its students with career choice and support,” commented Edson Barton, CEO of YouScience. “It is critically important that we support students in being successful in their careers, both in their choice of careers, as well as in providing them with the skills they need.”


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