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Our all-inclusive “Getting Started” kit has everything you need to spread the word that your school has YouScience Brightpath. With our digital and print assets, you’ll be able to reach your audience wherever they might be and encourage their involvement with Brightpath. From email to social media, to the front entrance and hallway of your school, YouScience has you covered.



Let students know they don’t have to plan for their future alone and that YouScience can help with our eye-catching posters.

Window clings

Make sure other teachers, administrators, and parents know you’re a YouScience school with these easy-to-apply window clings.


Download three separate posters that focus on aptitude testing for students, the value of certifications, and one about YouScience.

Press release template

With our press release template, you can officially announce the arrival of YouScience to your school and share how the platform will empower students and educators.

Email template

Email is a great way to reach a large audience, and with our copy guidance, you can send the right messaging about YouScience Brightpath to your contact list.

Social media templates

From Facebook to TikTok, we have the messaging you need to announce YouScience Brightpath to your audience and highlight different features.

How YouScience helps students find their path and purpose

Students share how discovering their aptitudes has impacted how they plan for their future education and career paths.

Why career-connected learning is important for students

Career-connected learning is an immersive experience that prepares students for careers and connects employers to skilled students.

“For high school students, there’s a lot of value in them feeling like something official has told them they’re going to be good at something. They put more weight into that. Combine aptitude with that and it takes students to the next level.”


Richard Clayton, Course Coordinator, EMT/Fire Science 

“Every kid in the country, in the world, needs access to YouScience and all of the powerful tools it provides. It’s awesome to see these kids come out with these positive statements about themselves that many couldn’t come up with on their own. But after going through the YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery, they come out with this list of things they can do that they probably wouldn’t be able to articulate for themselves. It’s powerful.”


Emily Grass, CTE Coordinator

“Our students have found YouScience meaningful in that it has made them think more about careers they wouldn’t have known otherwise. Maybe they didn’t realize they had a certain aptitude or personality trait that was a strength. It’s brought about a way for them to explore more careers they would have otherwise not even realized was an option.”


Amy Dodson, Career Coach

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