Health science is one of the fastest-growing segments of our economy. Ensuring your students are preparing for healthcare jobs is more important than ever. From dental assisting to medical assistant certification tests, we have an exam to fit your needs!

At Precision Exams, we are proud to offer a variety of exams that entail comprehensive knowledge, skills, and resources needed for your aspiring students to grow into competitive healthcare candidates. We work with healthcare industry professionals to provide accurate, immediate, and actionable data and reports that will help guide you in the classroom. Through this, we strive to help foster a future generation of professionals who are knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about healthcare.

The need for home health aides, personal care aides, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physical therapist assistants, just to name a few, are among the fastest growing jobs in health care. (Source: Applied Educational Systems – 79 Career and Technical Educations Facts for 2019.)  

Medical Terminology Certification Exam

Let’s start with the basics! For anyone who is thinking about or interested in transitioning into the healthcare field, we have a medical terminology certification exam that would be an ideal place to start. The course preparation provides a rich foundation in the Greek-and Latin-based language of medicine and healthcare.

Medical Assistant Certification Test

Here at Precision Exams, we offer a variety of medical assistant certification tests. The focuses and exams we offer in this realm are:

Upon completion of their courses, students can take their medical assistant certification test online. We provide a seamless and simple online platform for all exams.

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