College or Career Bound?

That’s the question many students face post high school. While the push to go to college has been heavy for decades, four-year college isn’t always the answer. Nor is it an option for some students. It’s not even the best option for some. But whether college or career is the destination, every student can benefit from direction on which profession to pursue.  

That’s Why We Love YouScience!

YouScience is a revolutionary educational resource that helps educators uncover ALL talent within their students. Through a series of scientific brain games designed to help students better understand their aptitudes, broaden awareness of career opportunities, and make more informed decisions about their individual pathway from school to career — students are shown their strengths and given the confidence to pursue job opportunities they wouldn’t have had access to before. The magic of YouScience lies in the powerful performance measures of aptitudes and the ability to connect natural talent to in-demand careers.  

Rick Hulefeld, from the Northern Kentucky Tribune writes: 

“YouScience gives students hope and direction by expanding their awareness of opportunities. It uses fun, engaging brain games to capture real measures of aptitude and then shows students all the high demand careers that look for those aptitudes. YouScience bridges the “exposure gap” by pointing out additional careers in which a student could excel. Students, their coaches and their families have rich new individualized information to guide their career choices. YouScience uses a scientific algorithm to provide students with a highly personalized overview of their best-fit careers, along with detailed information on average salary, regional and national job demand, and education requirements. Over 4,300 students in tri-state are now using this and that number is increasing weekly. While new to Kentucky, YouScience is already being used by over 350,000 middle and high school students’ in the United States.”

Districts and schools across the country are on board and are already seeing great success among their populationStudents who don’t take school seriously, or struggle to find their place, find great confidence in being able to identify their strengths and use those strengths to plan a future they can be proud of.