Nashville, Tenn. – In an interview on Kentucky Educational Television’s “Connections with Renee Shaw,” Cheryl Oldham, Vice President of Education Policy and Senior Vice President of Education and Workforce for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, described Nashville-based tech company YouScience as an “amazing” and “really cool” tool young people should utilize to help build a career pathway to prepare for the workforce. 

When asked what tools students should be looking into to help secure a strong, high-paying job, Oldham said, “There’s one [tool] in particular called YouScience. I’m not a spokesperson for it, but it’s an aptitude tool that really helps. It’s not the one that you and I did when we were kids. It really helps you figure out your natural abilities and then connects you to careers and career pathways, what you need to study, and how long you need to go to school.There are some amazing tools out there that can really build that career pathway for young people today.” 

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To learn more about YouScience, a technology company offering aptitude-based career guidance tools to align education with workforce demands, visit www.youscience.com.