Your school has YouScience® Brightpath.

Help your student gain confidence, figure out who they are, become more engaged with their education, and make decisions for their future after graduation with YouScience Brightpath. 

Your students has access to a one-of-a-kind assessment to learn their talents, align classes with their future career, gain real-world work experience through internships and job shadowing, and more.

Talk to your student’s counselors to ensure they have access. 

Find their why, purpose, and pathway.

When students know their aptitudes, they have more direction in school and life. The YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery assessment is the only online, aptitude-based college and career guidance solution available. 

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Discover aptitudes

YouScience brain games help you learn what aptitudes are and how they can be used to help you find success in school and life. 

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Plan courses

Resources are available to help you create course plans that algin to each students future career goals.

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Informed decisions

Making decisions based on aptitudes and interests, gives a greater chance for satisfaction in school, jobs, college, and more. 

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Create a resume

Resources are available to help students build a resume and find careers right for them.

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Certify skills

Many high school classes offer certifications that show what you know and make you a qualified candidate to different employers.

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See the future

YouScience leverages modern data tools and artificial intelligence to make personalized suggestions about college, majors, careers, and more.

“For high school students, there’s a lot of value in them feeling like something official has told them they’re going to be good at something. They put more weight into that. Combine aptitude with that and it takes students to the next level.”


Richard Clayton, Course Coordinator, EMT/Fire Science 

“Every kid in the country, in the world, needs access to YouScience and all of the powerful tools it provides. It’s awesome to see these kids come out with these positive statements about themselves that many couldn’t come up with on their own. But after going through the YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery, they come out with this list of things they can do that they probably wouldn’t be able to articulate for themselves. It’s powerful.”


Emily Grass, CTE Coordinator

“After taking the assessment, YouScience opened my eyes up to a lot more job opportunities that I didn’t consider previously.”


James C., Student

How do you take the Aptitude & Career Discovery assessment?

Tell your school counselor or an administrator that you want to take the YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery assessment.