On Nov. 2, 2018, the Nashville Business Journal in Nashville, Tennessee, featured an interview with YouScience co-founder and CEO (currently co-founder and CFO), Philip Hardin, discussing the company’s solution to build pipelines of talent.

Using performance measures of aptitudes, the YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment gives individuals a way to identify the career paths best suited to them. It cuts through social noise and biases to connect individuals to careers they may have never been exposed to but will excel in.

The article quotes Hardin as saying, “Even though there is a skills gap, there is not a talent gap. We just need to reach students early in the talent pipeline, at their max potential, to uncover those talents and guide them into the right careers.”

Hardin also notes that YouScience has a contract with the state of Georgia, but he’s looking to local chambers of commerce and community and technical colleges to enhance the company’s efforts in building an intentional talent pipeline.

Find the full article, This Nashville tech firm says it has a solution for country’s skills gap, on the Nashville Business Journal website.