To thrive in our ever-advancing and changing world, today’s students need to find relevance in their education, confidence in their future, and purpose in their life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

YouScience® research from the Post Graduation Readiness Report shows:

  • A staggering 75% of graduates feel unprepared to make critical decisions about their careers and education after leaving high school.
  • More than 80% felt they would be more engaged in learning if they had a better understanding of their aptitudes and how those talents align with possible careers.
  • More than 1/3 of students have no defined educational or career path when they graduate, and 41% felt unprepared for these life-altering types of decisions.

The launch of YouScience® Brightpath is a giant leap forward in providing that better future. Ingrained into who we are at YouScience is the belief that every student has a wonderful and powerful genius. Our mission, then, is to unleash the power within all students by helping them find, chart, and make possible their own incredibly bright future.

Brightpath is the platform to help make this possible. This innovative platform transforms the lives of students in positive, practical ways by bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world opportunities—empowering students, educators, and industry with tools designed to guide and support students in their education and career decision

Brightpath is a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that brings together core functionality proven to empower student success by increasing a student’s hope, confidence, and relevance in their future. With a single login, you have access to the following capabilities:

  • Aptitude & Career Discovery: Discover every student’s genius—their inherent aptitudes and interests—to create personalized educational and career experiences for each student.
  • Education & Career Plan: Leverage our four-year course planners to plan relevant and personalized pathways for students to reach the futures they want. Includes a resume builder that draws on the unique aptitudes, interests, and certifications of each student.
  • Industry Certifications: Promote each student’s validated knowledge and skills to future employers, colleges, and scholarships using more than 200+ industry-recognized certifications.
  • Education Connections: Help every student find the right postsecondary education programs and majors that best align with their aptitudes and interests. Save time, money, and effort, while increasing college enrollment and completion rates.
  • Career Connections: Give purpose to students by aligning their unique blend of aptitudes, interests, and skills with their best-fit career options. Increase student engagement by directly linking their classroom learning to contextually relevant national and local employers who deeply value their aptitudes and experiences.
  • Work-Based Experiences: Streamline and simplify work-based learning programs while expanding meaningful real-world experiences for students and teachers. Connect with real, local employers who want to support classroom experiences and provide tangible outcome-based objectives.
  • Insights & Analytics: Generate insights for program improvement, workforce readiness, increases in program diversity, skills development, graduation improvements, and more. Analytics show performance at the individual, class, school, district, and state level.

Unleashing student potential is at the heart of what we do. And, to do that we must empower educators with the best professional tools. Brightpath is designed for today’s professional educator. Speed, ease of use, scalability, and systems simplicity is top of mind. One unified system, with a single login and SSO capabilities, means you don’t have to cobble together different applications to accomplish your tasks across multiple programs.

Additionally, the Brightpath platform makes it easier to collaborate across schools and districts, between middle and high schools, and from grade to grade—streamlining workflows, organizational changes, and process and teaching best practices into one place. With a new, modern design, all our applications are easier to use and require less effort to coordinate.

Brightpath is a symbol of our commitment to making your lives easier and removing as much friction as possible from your work so you can focus on what really matters:

  • Developing students who are hopeful, engaged, and ready to tackle life’s possibilities with confidence.
  • Engaging parents who see what their children can do and who feel bought in on plans for high school, careers, and postsecondary education.
  • Empowering educators who are dedicated to really helping students find joy and fulfillment in their work.
  • Elevating counselors who seek each day to create personalized educational and career pathways at scale for students and their parents.
  • Supporting administrators who are making it possible for all students, from all backgrounds, to find true value in their schools and communities.
  • Integrating businesses and communities who want to engage and invest in students to create the brightest future possible.

These outcomes and more are possible with YouScience Brightpath.

I invite you to learn more about how Brightpath can help you and your school unleash the power of what’s possible by scheduling a personalized walkthrough today: https://www.youscience.com/demo-request/.