YouScience and SCOIR

YouScience has been a core part of the SCOIR offering for the last three years. During this time, our collective customers have found value in the collaboration. However, it recently became clear that though we both want what is best for students, we need to serve them in different ways. Effective June 30, 2023, YouScience will no longer be offered through SCOIR but will continue to be available for all institutions and students.

We understand this has the potential to be disruptive, so we’ve made every effort to make the path to converting to YouScience as easy as possible, including offering SSO options through external providers. We have a dedicated team standing by to help you get started. Please review our FAQs below for additional information and stay tuned for more updates.

To continue with YouScience please call (801) 653-9356, email sales@youscience.com, or click below.

Frequently asked questions

YouScience availability

Is YouScience still available for SCOIR customers?

Absolutely. Our customers have found tremendous value using YouScience Discovery as part of their student success programs and we want to continue to serve you as we do more than 7,000 other educational institutions.

How long will we have access to YouScience?

Current schools using YouScience through SCOIR will have access through the end of the school year. We would love to discuss how you can continue to use YouScience in the 2023 – 2024 school year. Please call (801) 653-9356 or email sales@youscience.com.

How long will students have access to their YouScience account?

Students will continue to have access to their accounts for 10 years. Schools will need to continue to subscribe to YouScience to offer it to students moving forward.

Why are YouScience and SCOIR no longer working together?

Over the last three years, YouScience and SCOIR have partnered to provide SCOIR customers free access to the Discovery aptitude assessment. Recently it became clear that though we both want what is best for students, we need to serve them in different ways. Though YouScience will no longer be offered through SCOIR, it will continue to be available for all institutions and students.

Cost and fees

Will there be a cost for using YouScience if we want to include it in our 2023–2024 academic year?

Yes. There will be an additional fee for using YouScience moving forward. However, we are offering a free grace period to avoid having to make budget decisions without proper planning. Our team stands ready to help you make necessary plans to avoid any disruption.

What is the cost of subscribing to YouScience?

Our solutions are designed to be both best-in-class and affordable for schools of all types. Please call (801) 653-9356 or email sales@youscience.com.

Why YouScience?

Why is YouScience the best option for helping students connect to the best fit career or educational pursuits?
YouScience provides a complete solution for helping students find the most personalized, relevant, and meaningful career and educational recommendations. Our methodology begins with students taking the only online, personalized aptitude-based solution for middle, high school, and beyond. Once this is taken, students are presented with personalized college and career guidance that shows them what they’re really capable of, making school more relevant for them. We also help students certify their skills and connect all of this to employers who are seeking ready-to-work talent. For more information, please review the top 10 reasons why schools across the nation choose YouScience.
What makes YouScience a better solution than other solutions that may be free or new?

Many students are lost. Part of this rests with the widespread usage of interest or personality assessments. While efficient, these may not help students with long-term planning or decision making. Interests change frequently, are influenced by exposure, and are limited to what a student knows about themselves. The YouScience approach considers interests, but more importantly reveals aptitudes. It uses aptitudes, interests, and personality to help you confidently guide students to their best-fit pathway — whether certifications, postsecondary schooling, or both.


Can I add new students now and for how long?

As of Dec. 29, 2022, if your school/district has not already created a YouScience account through SCOIR, you will need to visit youscience.com/login to create a username and password.

What is our process for logging in now?

SCOIR students can continue to log in as they always have through SCOIR until the official cut off on June 30, 2023.  After the cut off, students will need to visit login.youscience.com to access their accounts. If their results aren’t showing, they can contact our world-class customer support team at (800) 470-1215 or email support@youscience.com to have their account merged.

Will students who have already taken YouScience Discovery through SCOIR have to take it again?

No. If they login to their YouScience account and do not see their results, they can contact customer support at (800) 470-1215 or email support@youscience.com for assistance.

Why am I not able to view all of my students in the SCOIR dashboard?

Students who took the assessment through YouScience won’t be found on the SCOIR reports. Only YouScience reports. The only students they will see in the SCOIR platform will be the students who took the assessment through SCOIR directly.

Why can’t my students access their YouScience results through SCOIR?

We haven’t updated our database with the new SCOIR schools, yet. This happens about once a quarter, but sometimes people need it sooner. Any students who already took the YouScience assessment before using SCOIR cannot view their results from the SCOIR dashboard. Instead, they are prompted to log in through YouScience directly.

Will YouScience provide a rostering component in lieu of the SCOIR login?

If your school/district uses Clever or Google, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Implementation Manager to enable SSO access for your school. Rostering capabilities are coming soon.