Welcome to Precision Exams! We’d love to introduce you the tools and reports we have available to help you get the most value out of your Precision Exams site license. Below are some fab tips to set you up for the best school year possible:

 Check out the standards: These are your exam blueprints. We recommend you take some time to review the standards laid out for each exam you’re giving. You can find the exam library here.  Use these standards as a foundation for your curriculum, as well as a study guide for students.  

– Plan for a pre-assessment: Our pre-assessments are designed to give your students an introduction to the exam. They’ll become familiar with logging in, the different types of questions, and how to use the platform. But even more importantly, pre-assessments establish your students knowledge base. Pre-assessments do NOT earn certificates. 

– Run a Proctor Standard Report: We recommend running a Proctor Standard Report after every exam. This report will show you where each student scored according to each standard. It’s a great tool to gauge specific content areas individual students need to focus on.  

– Use the Student Score Report: The Student Score Report informs students which standard areas they excel in and which areas need focus. This can be printed off or emailed by the proctor and when used in conjunction with the standards, makes the perfect study guide.  

– Plan for a single assessment mid-year: The single assessment can be used as a standalone exam (students CAN earn certificates) or as a benchmark mid-year. 

– Prepare for the post assessment: With the Proctor Standard Reports and the Student Score Reports, students and teachers will know which areas of content to focus on.   

Once students earn a certificate, encourage them to take the skills and knowledge listed on the back and apply them to their resume. Check out this article for more information on how to use Precision Exams Certifications to boost resumes.

We offer free live webinars to walk you through the platform and share with you our best tips and tricks. And as always, if you have any questions, contact our friendly customer support team at 800-470-1215. Happy testing. And thank you for all you do!