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Find yourself and find your way, faster.

Pick a major and graduate on time with a College Success Profile™, from YouScience®

Sooner or later,
we all figure it out -

who we are, how we think, what we want to do with our lives. But what if you could do it faster? Think about how that would change your approach to college, your first job, your life.

Let’s face it, college is a big risk these days.
Did you know that only 24% of students graduate in four years. That’s a staggering number considering every extra year costs $20,000 to $30,000.

Would you buy a $100,000 car if you didn’t know how to drive? Well, that’s what college is, an amazing $100,000 vehicle that can transform your life and take you anywhere in the world – If you know how to drive it, and in the right direction.

That’s why we created YouScience®
to help students find their best path through college quickly by using the latest science available.

Our College Success Profile™ can predict precisely the majors and careers where you’re most likely to succeed while pointing you in the right direction.

Watch a video

"The Problem YouScience Solves" (1:54)

Takes two hours,
not two years.

Take a series of game-like exercises in the comfort of your own home, to discover your optimal college and career path. Your custom paths are scientifically matched to your:

  • Natural abilities (what you do well)
  • Specific interests (what you love to do)
  • Your best-fit opportunities (where you'll naturally thrive)

It's unlike anything you've ever seen.
It is not:

  • An intelligence test
  • That thing you took in 8th grade.

It is:

  • The first-of-its-kind
  • Scientifically accurate
  • Patent-pending
  • Created by concerned parents and leading experts in college and career guidance.

How it works

Discover your potential

The YouScience® Assessment uses a series of 5-12 minute brain-training exercises proven to identify which college majors and careers are the perfect fit. YouScience will reveal your natural aptitudes and interests in a highly personalized way that will help you confidently set a direction.

Reveal matched opportunities

Since your results combine what you love to do with what you're wired to do well, we can scientifically match you with over 500 college-to-career profiles that accurately predict your level of enjoyment, success, even quality of life. It's your world of opportunity from a whole new perspective.

Pick the right path
to get you there

Select one or more of your opportunities, and your paths are created instantly, revealing your best options for majors, internships and more. It's the fastest way to know where you’re going is going to be right for you.

Take a Video Tour

Take an in-depth video tour of the assessment results with one of our founders, a mom, and career counselor, Betsy Wills.

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  • The YouScience Assessment
  • Personal Strengths Results
  • Personalized How-to’s
  • Upgrade Anytime
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  • The YouScience Assessment
  • Personal Strengths Results
  • Personalized How-to’s
  • College Planning Tools
  • Education & Career Matching
  • Upgrade Anytime
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Save 20%
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  • The YouScience Assessment
  • Personal Strengths Results
  • Personalized How-to’s
  • College Planning Tools
  • Education & Career Matching
  • Printed Personal Profile Book
  • Results walk-through
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Students, parents, & professionals agree:

“YouScience made a believer out of me. My results matched my favorite job perfectly. I only wish this test had been available when I was applying for college. I was shocked at how many options were available.”

- Susan P.

“YouScience's Profile is a wonderful tool to help students connect their aptitudes with their passions, a revolutionary resource to help students go further faster with a clear path to follow during high school and college.”

- Megan S. Principal, Kennesaw, GA

“My path to my current career was a circuitous one. Had I the opportunity to experience YouScience prior to entering college, I know my journey could have been far more direct.”

- Kelly B. College Student, Nashville, TN

“YouScience was incredibly beneficial in helping me discover possible careers. I was completely clueless as to what I would like to become, but YouScience showed me careers that I had not even considered.”

- Nathan S. High School Student, Dawson County, GA

“I was able to confidently register for my second semester at Auburn University. My parents and I are relieved knowing I’m not wasting time or money pursuing a career I may never enjoy.”

- Tully J. Student, Auburn University

“My test results coincided with my desired college course of studies which convinced my parents that I was on the right path.”

- Michael P. High School Senior, Birmingham, AL

“YouScience gives high school students, parents, and counselors valuable information that helps guide conversations related to college search, and ultimately assists in finding the best possible ‘fit’ for each student.”

- Junius Scott Prince Former Headmaster & College Counselor

“YouScience has given my daughter more possibilities for career choices and insight about her strengths. She will make a better decision on which direction to follow before her freshman year in college.”

- Susan M. Parent, Aiken, SC

“As the parent of a 16 year-old, I am thrilled to have shared the YouScience experience with my son…The opportunity to “compare notes” and have a discussion about our differences and similarities was priceless!”

- Annie C. Parent, Wellesley, MA

“Of all the instruments I’ve used, YouScience has earned the most student buy-in. I’ve had no problems convincing my students that the two hours the inventory demands are worth it. They tend to actually enjoy taking the assessments.”

- Leigh Moore Independent Education Consultant

“It was very enlightening and right on for him! The career paths suggested are exactly the fields in which he is interested!”

- Bridgette W. Parent, Elkins, WV

“I knew I wanted to help people. YouScience showed me how I could follow that passion while best using my God given talents.”

- Ansley H. High School Student, Brentwood, TN

“Although the test is lengthy it provides an abundant amount of information about my strengths and possible career paths that are unique to my interests and skills.”

- Taylor I. Student, Bentley University

“Choosing your first job out of college is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. The fact that I know what I’m suited best for now – what my best fit is for me – I think is invaluable. I would definitely recommend this.”

- Jake W. Georgetown University

“The results were shockingly accurate and chockfull of information that helped me to understand why I do things the way I do.”

- Samuel L. Student, Bentley University