At Precision Exams, we’re continually working with subject-matter experts to review and update our extensive library of certification exams. In preparation for the 2019-2020 school year, we’re excited to announce nine new exams:

In addition to developing new exams, we’ve reviewed and updated 21 existing exams:

For a full list of exams, download our brochure to peruse our library. And for exams that have been disabled, here’s a list of alternatives:
Old Exam Alternative Exam
Agricultural Communication and Leadership Business Communication I
Agriculture Business Management Business Management
Computer Programming IB Visual Basics No Alternative at this time
Equine Science – Year Equine Science
Equine Science B Equine Science
Foundations of Technology Engineering Technology
Interpersonal Relationships Adult Roles and Responsibilities
Introduction to Screen Printing No alternative at this time
Retailing — School Store Retailing
Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing
Teen Living 21st Century Skills
Word Processing Basics Word Processing