Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

K-12 teachers devote their time day in and day out enriching student minds. When schools transitioned to online / distance learning in the face of the pandemic, teachers around the country stepped up to the challenge to best meet their students’ needs.

May 3rd – 7th is Teacher Appreciation Week this year and it’s the best time to celebrate and thanks educators who inspire and equip youth to grow to their fullest potential.

Here are 6 expressions of gratitude that don’t cost too much:

6 Ways to Thank Teachers at a Distance

  1. Organize a virtual in-class surprise
  2. Record a thank-you video
  3. Email a digital gift card
  4. Mail or drop off a gift
  5. Write a thank-you note
  6. Post a social media shoutout – We’ll help you out!

    Nominate a teacher
    you feel deserves to be recognized & we’ll spotlight them on our social channels.

This last year we’ve been fortunate to hear first-hand how teachers are continually making an impact in the lives of students and families.

Educators, from us here at YouScience – thank you!