Preparing students for lifelong careers is at the heart of Career and Technical Education (CTE). CTE provides opportunities for students to become familiar, and experiment with different career pathways. CTE exams provide students with opportunities to certify in different subject areas relating to their preferred career pathways. With over 16 Career Clusters, students have ample options when it comes to career prep — information technology is one of the most popular.  

As long as there are computers, phones, and internet systems, there will be a need for information technology, or IT for short. 

Best IT Jobs

According to The Best Schools article, “The 20 Best IT Jobs for 2019 and Beyond,” IT jobs are here to stay and will grow substantially in the next ten years. The article states:  “With cloud computing, mobile applications, massive amounts of data, software of all sorts, the ever-expanding world wide web, social media, and a whole world’s-worth of information security threats, organizations large and small rely more and more on well-qualified and highly-specialized IT professionals.”

The article goes on to list the top 10 in-demand IT jobs including the following: 

  1. Mobile Application Developer: Median Annual Income – $72,066 
  2. Information Security Analyst: Median Annual Income – $70,521
  3. Web Developer: Median Annual Income – $58,005
  4. Cloud Solutions Architect: Median Annual Income – $120,067
  5. Applications Architect: Median Annual Income – $107,831
  6. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer – $91,465
  7. Data Scientist: Median Annual Income – $90,958
  8. Information Technology Manager – $84,440
  9. Business Intelligence Developer – $78,076
  10. 10.    Database Administrator – $71,513

Certification Exams

Precision Exams offers over 30 certification exams under the Information Technology cluster to help students start climbing the ladder to IT professions. Our exams for information technology range from 3D animation to computer programming to web development and everything in between. 

Each information technology exam offers an opportunity for students to certify and earn a stackable credential — a rung on the ladder —if you will. Students can use these certifications to boost their resumes and job applications. 

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