Michael Horn, sat down with Edson Barton, founder and CEO of YouScience on Mar. 2, 2022 for an interview titled, “How Does YouScience Help Students Discover Careers?” 

Horn is an author and coauthor and an expert on disruptive innovation, online learning, blended learning, competency-based learning, and how to transform the education system into a student-centered one. He co-founded and is a fellow at Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, a non-profit think tank. He also co-hosts the Future U and Class Disrupted podcasts. 

In the interview, Horn and Barton discussed how the YouScience Platform works and the importance of aptitudes for career guidance

Barton talked about the difference between aptitudes and interests and how both are essential in determining career options for high school students. He talked about the substantial drop-out rates of college students and how those numbers go down when students follow a pathway that leads to careers they know – or have discovered – they can do, but also have a passion for. 

Barton also shared about how the Youscience Platform helps break gender stereotypes and norms. In a report analyzing Utah students, YouScience found that while female students have little interest in computer technology fields, they show strong aptitudes for them. Bartons shared that by showing female students that they have aptitudes for careers they may have self-selected out of or thought they couldn’t exceed at, educators can use the YouScience Platform to show female and other students new opportunities. 

Find the full interview with Horn and Barton on YouTube